DLT Supply Chain Metrics Analyzer
DLT Supply Chain Metrics Analyzer contains actual and projected shipments, production, and inventory information. It uses this information to compute the necessary performance statistics that describe the supply chainís efficiency and indicate what is driving those statistics. For example, it may identify a poor order fill rate for an SKU and, by analyzing DC and customer detail, assist in understanding whether a customer with large orders is being under-forecast, safety stock is insufficient, or production was lower than planned.

The following are some of the metrics typically of interest to Supply Chain managers:
  • Order Fill Rates
  • Inventory Weeks of Supply
  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Production Schedule Attainment
  • Redeployment Volume and Costs
  • Stock Freight % by Transport Mode
  • Cost Variance vs Optimal Production & Transportation
  • SKU Variants Performance

Prevent Common Problems and Improve Your Performance

DLT Supply Chain Metrics Analyzer helps identify where systematic supply chain problems may exist. Users can define performance exceptions and undertake a search that will produce a list meeting that criteria for further analysis. An example of an exception may be any SKU that falls below 2.5 weeks of supply (or above 8 Weeks of Supply) at any point in the next 12 weeks. It uses current inventory, forecast, and planned production to project inventory and evaluate weeks of supply. When an exception is identified, for example an item with less than 2.5 weeks of supply, the user may discover that production or planned deployment is insufficient or simply that the forecast has risen significantly. Exceptions may also be defined around any of the metrics listed above or any other metrics added to the analysis. In addition, it can track these metrics by planner providing management with an objective evaluation of each plannerís strengths and weaknesses.

Discuss Your Supply Chain Analysis Requirements

We are available for discussions to understand your supply chain metrics requirements and to evaluate how our solution might address them. Please contact us to schedule a meeting and a demonstration of DLT Supply Chain Analyzer.