What our services can address from the perspective of:
an executive:

You know the information you need is available, but it requires significant staff effort to arrive at the analysis you are looking for. You need the information soon enough to support meaningful action, but it is usually received much later than requested. While understanding the difficulties and complexities involved, you also know that there must be a better more efficient solution.

a manager:

While newer implementations offers some hope of resolving on-going analysis needs, each new solution never seems to meet all expectations. Every deliverable seems to become obsolete far too soon as business needs evolve. The requirement is for applications that can be implemented quickly (in a few weeks rather than months) and still be flexible enough to capture changing needs.

an analyst:

On-going repetitive and complex data structuring and worksheet analysis require excessive time and effort. Continuous manual intervention, data cleaning, verification, and mathematical manipulation are worrisome in their potential to introduce errors that may end up in the final presentation.